Learn How To Play Acoustic Guitar

Many people think that it is very hard to learn to play the acoustic guitar. The truth is it is not incredibly difficult to learn how to play acoustic guitar. It is true that there are varying levels of ability and becoming professional may be extremely difficult. But if you are looking to be able to pick up the guitar and play a few tunes, it is easier to accomplish. Below we will discuss some of the best tips on learning on an acoustic.

1. Learn How To Tune

how to play acousticNothing sounds worse than a poorly tuned guitar. Even if you rely on an electronic instrument to tune your guitar, it is best to spend a few minutes per session trying to tune the guitar by ear. After you do this enough times, you will eventually learn and develop an ear for tuning your instruments. In the end, you are going to benefit from having that ability.

2. Control

Learning how to control the instrument is going to go long ways towards helping you make the most of the sounds. You need to teach both of your hands how to mute the cords that you do not want to hear. This will eventually benefit you in the long run.

3. Learn Different Strumming Patterns

It is important to learn as many different strumming patterns as you can. Learning different strumming patterns is going to help you be able to change the flow of a song and make it your own. This ability is going to increase your creativity and make the sounds sound better, as a result.

4. Take It Slow

Learn how to play a song at your own speed. Do not try to push through it. Take it slow, that way, you can tell where your weak points are. This will allow you to spend more time perfecting the chords that you may miss, or the ones that you have a difficult time recreating. This is a simple fix that will ultimately help you become the best guitar player that you can be.

5. Play Through The Pain

It is extremely common to experience pain in the tips of your fingers. This is because your fingers may not be used to the level of activity that it is experiencing. The more you practice and utilize the pads of your fingers, the tougher the skin will become. It is important to push through the pain and continue to play/practice, otherwise, you will end up ruining the things that you did learn by resting too much. It is important to continue learning despite the pain but if your fingertips bleed, obviously, you must stop and let them heal. You need to be able to play through the discomfort and play well.

So, if you want to learn how to play acoustic guitar, then the two most important things you are going to need are discipline and the inspiration to continue learning. It seems difficult at first and can be frustrating but if you can even stick with it for 30 days, it won’t be long until you are able to play a few songs and start showing off for your friends and family.