Tips On How to Play Electric Guitar

Learning how to play a musical instrument is a skill that fulfills artistic desires and is a fantastic hobby. The electric guitar is a popular instrument and opens performance opportunities for the aspiring musician. There are two main options: learn to play on your own or find a guitar teacher. Learning how to play electric guitar is a fantastic way to spend your free time.

Get A Guitar You Can Play

how to play electricBefore beginning, it is important to get one’s hands on a quality electric guitar. There is no point in moving forward without the right basic equipment in hand.

There are a range of choices when it comes to the the right electric guitar. This can include the cosmetic appearance of the guitar, but also its tuning. A guitar that is not tuned will lead to horrible results.

There is a range of basic equipment that has to be purchased alongside the electric guitar. These accessories include the amplifier, tuner, picks, straps, stands and a few other things. It is important to have all of these in hand before progressing towards learning the art of playing the electric guitar as one desires.

Set Up

Once, the guitar is hand, it is important to move onto the next step and this includes the overall set up. An electric guitar is going to need an amplifier in order to hear the guitar play. So you will need an amp, a guitar strap, a cord and a pick.

You will need to sit or stand in a position so that the guitar is being held above the waist. Many people want to look cool and let the guitar hang down around their knees. This is not conducive to learning how to play.

You want to plug in and get a good sound. Do not add a lot of distortion because it will cover up the sound of the notes. Playing with full distortion is a tell-tale sign of a beginner.

Start Easy

One of the worst mistakes that is made comes from trying to play songs that are too hard. Sure, it would be nice to play the guitar like a pro at first but that will happen with practice. Even those famous guitarists started at the beginning.

Always look to start with the easy notes and learning songs that are simple. This is just to get a feel of the guitar and how it functions.


There is nothing more important than repetition. Just like with anything else, it is important to constantly repeat what is being played.  When you learn a new riff, you will practice it over and over. When you are learning a song, you will play it over and over.

A beginner will often be able to pick up repetitions in the songs that are being learnt and that is progress in itself. Training the ear is a part of the learning  process.  You will begin hearing familiar patterns and soon you will be picking away at them.

Learning how to play electric guitar is very exciting as you begin learning new songs and the electric guitar is easy to play and soon you will be learning how to manipulate the strings, doing slides, bends and a myriad of different techniques which will take your playing to a whole new level.